St Ives [NT] Saint Michael's Mount. Sept 2020. (02)

St Ives Photo: a fantastic St Ives Photograph Featuring [NT] Saint Michael's Mount. Sept 2020. (02)

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Photo taken from Newlyn, Cornwall. Most people in the UK won’t have heard of Marazion, but many will recognise the iconic shape of St Michael’s Mount owned by the National Trust. It dates back to the 12th Century, although there are traces of both Bronze and Iron Age occupation have been found, and the Mount is probably the island of Ictis from which tin was exported to the Mediterranean in the C4 BC. It truely is a fairytale island and castle. The mount is connected to the sandy beaches of Marazion by a winding causeway, covered for most of the day by the tides.View image on Flickr

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