Midlothian 2 of 4 Unfocused Uncluttered Unreal (After Edit)

Midlothian Photo: a fantastic Midlothian Photograph Featuring 2 of 4 Unfocused Uncluttered Unreal (After Edit)

Photograph Taken On Thursday, June 4, 2020

To balance the three terms beginning with a letter u in the title I have been searching the edited pictures for the loss, or transformation of three items beginning with the letter w. So far I certainly have Wire, Wall and Wheelie bin. Possibly I have Wicket Gate, Wall and Wheelie bin. It is even possible that I have double W-gate, Wall and Wheelie bin. I seem to remember that the field gate also had a pedestrian gate and I am hoping that could be a wicket. The preamble is surely part of what is following, as is the internal dialogue that is spilling out from me to you on to the page as I try give an inner cranium explanation. I enjoy working more on pictures that have problems. There is the challenge and the result, there is much more in my mind as to why I scream salvage over shouting destroy. There was something I tried to achieve when I initially created this picture. I enjoy adapting any image, whether still, or motion picture to best reflect the potential in the scene that attracted the eye and fulfilled the vision of the original beholder, I have done this with mine and with other people’s pictures. In this picture I saw a barred gateway and the superb surrounding features. The closed gate seemed to deter and to offer to keep out as well as it did to promise to open and to grant access. In editing the original I increased the vibrancy of the image. Then I took out some features including Wires, Wall and Wheelie bin. The Unfocused Uncluttered Unreal was my title for the picture and for some aspects of my mind that are unequally opposed by the debilitating focused, cluttered and real aspects that are taking over. The Unfocused Uncluttered Unreal image once established became through one button digital editing as if painted by oils and then it was decisively, delicately and deliberately cropped as an idea to illustrate the acts of confused and confusing memory that is constantly making the ‘Summer Days’ of life those timeless classics we adore with no need to drink, eat, or to take a rest as our memory can so easily thrill our thoughts with limitless love. Something of the process of happy memory making is also the container that traps away clear recollecting and terrifies the frightened consciousness from being able to accept time to remember, the chance to happily forget and so to totally fail to enjoy the current opportunity and rather than enjoy the present form of self and fashion of surroundings we are locked in on terrifying away the ability to connect with ideas of what the perceptions now neglect to reflect back to us from all around and from within us. This is my perception of my encroaching Alzheimer's disease and days full of joint pain and nerve damage. Writing a document is a laboured process that often never starts, or never finishes. Taking a picture is often a great joy and through ideas of editing and not remembering many again are never begun, or never completed. PHH Sykes ©2020 phhsykes@gmail.comView image on Flickr

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