Castletown House 80 tonne Bogie Timber Wagon.

Castletown House Photo: a fantastic Castletown House Photograph Featuring 80 tonne Bogie Timber Wagon.

Photograph Taken On Saturday, October 6, 2018

DETAILS FOR THIS VEHICLE. Location : Kingmoor Yard Timber Terminal. Date : 06/10/18. Type : Bogie Timber Wagon. Weight : 26 t Tare / 80 t GLW. Number : 97147. Number Series : GERS 97106 to GERS 97309 (with gaps). Builder : Rebuilt in 2007 by WH Davis Ltd, Langwith Junction Works. TOPS Code : KFA. ADDITIONAL NOTES. These former 80 ton bogie ferry vans were built by Linke-Hofmann-Busch at Salzgitter in Germany in 1977-79. When EWS ceased transporting timber using 4-wheel OTA's the work was taken on by Colas Railfreight who had no wagon fleet. The OTA's were no longer fit for purpose and suffered badly from damage when unloading so eventually went for scrap. For a short period Colas used hired IGA steel bolster wagons but they simply didn't have the capacity so these redundant ferry vans were duly converted to carry timber. The doors and roof being removed and the decks fitted with much more substantial bolsters to retain the loads. To increase the airflow when travelling empty large diameter holes were cut in the end walls and steel slats welded across them but most have since been smashed to bits during loading and unloading by mechanical grab. The wagons belonged to GE Rail Leasing after conversion but the whole fleet has since passed to Touax another lease company. They operate from several UK railheads but all are currently used by Colas to the Kronospan Ltd chipboard factory at Chirk.View image on Flickr

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