Dyfi Furnace Ayesha In The Meadow

Dyfi Furnace Photo: a fantastic Dyfi Furnace Photograph Featuring Ayesha In The Meadow

Photograph Taken On Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the hills above Dyfi Furnace near to Machynlleth, there's a small meadow in the middle of a forestry plantation... It made the ideal location for some portrait work. Ayesha's hayfever kicked in quite badly during this shoot so I'm really grateful to her for lying there in all that grass! Strobist Info: Canon 580EXII from behind and right at 1/4 power on manual with no modification. Yong Nuo 560 from front left at 1/2 power on manual with inbuilt diffuser Fired with Yong Nuo RF-602 Poverty Wizards Thanks to everyone who helped to get this picture into Explore! 25th July 2011 #187View image on Flickr

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