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Photograph Taken On Sunday, August 4, 2019

The cemetery opened in 1899 and records commenced on that date. The cemetery is located outside the village on the B7016 to Braehead. Lairs can only be purchased at the time of burial within this cemetery and can also accommodate the interment or cremated remains in existing family lairs. This was one of the most organised/tidy I have come across. The rules are quite strict! No memorial items on any part of the burial area. The soil surrounding the grave must not be covered by any chippings or stones. Lairs shall be laid out in turf and no fences, kerbs, rails, chains, boxes or other surrounds will be permitted. All are in neat rows with well clipped grass. The church (which is down the road) apparently closed down about 7 years ago as upkeep was too expensive for the small congregation.View image on Flickr

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