Quay Street Clump of whitish office towers in Salford.

Quay Street Photo: a fantastic Quay Street Photograph Featuring Clump of whitish office towers in Salford.

Photograph Taken On Thursday, August 10, 2017

You're familiar with Salford, right?, and with its history w/r/t large office blocks? Maybe "cluster" is a kinder word for this than "clump." The openness of sky above the carpark affords a fine view of the collection of buildings. ----------------------- In Salford, Greater Manchester, England, on August 10th, 2017, on Quay Street south of Chapel Street. ----------------------- Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names terms: • Greater Manchester (7026570) • Salford (7010478) Art & Architecture Thesaurus terms: • central business districts (300000868) • office buildings (300007043) • parking lots (300007826) • streets (300008247) • townscapes (built environment) (300008923) • urban landscapes (300132447) Wikidata items: • 10 August 2017 (Q34379127) • August 10 (Q2779) • August 2017 (Q23994854 • shade of white (Q7460350) Library of Congress Subject Headings: • Office buildings—England (sh92006359) • Streets—England (sh85128641)View image on Flickr

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