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Thornton Photo: a fantastic Thornton Photograph Featuring Ex Serviscope Visionhire Employees Important

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dear ex Visionhire Serviscope employee's . I received a letter from Standard Life via DWP. If you are not aware read on. Standard Life have control of the original pension fund of Serviscope. My name is on their register. As there were 6000 plus employee's not everyone may be aware they may be entitled to benefits. Get in touch with Standard Life Edinburgh for further details if you have not already received a letter. This appears to be nothing to do with the pension arrangement that Granada put us on post 1988 , which become the ITV pension scheme in the early 2000s when Charlton and Granada had to merge after the ITV Digital box fiasco.View image on Flickr

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