RAF Leuchars Gloster Meteor F8 WA882

RAF Leuchars Photo: a fantastic RAF Leuchars Photograph Featuring Gloster Meteor F8 WA882

Photograph Taken On Saturday, August 1, 2020

1 August 2020, Bennachie The largest piece of remaining wreckage, a two-metre square wing section, from Meteor F8 WA882 which crashed on Bennachie on 12 February 1952, sadly killing its 22 year old pilot, Pilot Officer John Brian Lightfoot. Very few pieces of wreckage remain, strewn over a wide area. The aircraft, from 222 Squadron, was based at RAF Leuchars at the time of the accident. If visiting the site please do not remove any of the wreckage as it acts as a memorial to those who died.View image on Flickr

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