Auchenblae James Taylor Statue(1835 - 1892) The Father of Ceylon Tea, Auchenblae, Oct 2019

Auchenblae Photo: a fantastic Auchenblae Photograph Featuring James Taylor Statue(1835 - 1892) The Father of Ceylon Tea, Auchenblae, Oct 2019

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, October 22, 2019

In any village, town or City you just never know what you are going to discover. This statue and info board was a remarkable find. I love my tea so I was very interested in this. This is a shorter version of the board James Taylor was born at Mosspark, Monboddo Estate, Auchenblae on 29th March 1835. He was a bright young man he served as a pupil teacher at the Free School in Auchenblae before leaving for Ceylon aged just 16. He arrived in Ceylon and set to work as an Assistant Superintendent twenty odd miles from Kandy. After experimenting with China tea plants growing beside his bungalow, he planted his hybrid Assam tea seeds in 1868. After much trial and error James Taylor made his first tea with the leaf being rolled on tables. James Taylor put his heart and soul into cultivating tea. He never returned to Auchenblae. He spent 40 years in Sri Lanka, he never married and hardly ever took a holiday. Sadly, James Taylor died of dysentery on 2nd May 1892 and was buried at Mahalyama Cemetery in Kandy. Thanks for all your comments on my trip over the Cairn O'Mount I enjoyed it very much.View image on Flickr

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