Northampton KX56 HCZ - Britannia Bus

Northampton Photo: a fantastic Northampton Photograph Featuring KX56 HCZ - Britannia Bus

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, October 20, 2020

KX56 HCZ 2006 Alexander Dennis Mini Pointer Dart B29F Britannia Bus, Northampton Jacks Hill Cafe, Towcester, 20 October 2020 New to Thames Travel, Wallingford A little white bus that says it is a Big Green Bus but isn't anymore. Despite the fleetname and legal lettering for Big Green Bus of Haverhill, it is now operated by Britannia Bus and has a paper label for service 90 in the windscreen. This consists of one journey each way between Deanshanger and Towcester on Tuesday mornings only, and lays over at Jacks Hill Cafe between these journeys.View image on Flickr

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