Parkmill "Lancashire - Quality Yarns", advert issued by Shiloh Spinners Ltd., Royton, Lancashire - 1954

Parkmill Photo: a fantastic Parkmill Photograph Featuring "Lancashire - Quality Yarns", advert issued by Shiloh Spinners Ltd., Royton, Lancashire - 1954

Photograph Taken On Monday, November 18, 2019

Oddly, the Royton based company, Shiloh Spinners Ltd., usually advertised in neighbouring Rochdale's official guides as in this advert in the 1954 edition. It lists the six mills in the small mill town that formed part of the Gartside group of companies that were an early example of 'joint stock' companies in the cotton trade. The company finally ceased trading in 2009 and the last MD, Edmund Gartside (grandson of the founder) passed away only a few years ago in 2016 having played a remarkably active role in the civic life of Rochdale that saw him with the rare honour of being granted the Freedom of the Borough. These were big mills I recall as you passed them on the 9 or 24 bus on the way to Oldham and Manchester and as can be seen they were working both cotton and synthetic rayon and mixes in various styles and 'counts', in both American and Egyptian cotton. The variety of products and techniques used to produce them, both mule and ringspun, is I suspect quite bewildering to modern readers, oddly it was a language I grew up with as all the family had some conenction with the industry. As can be seen Shiloh 'spun' threads that would be supplied to companies for use in weaving activities that were traditionally located in north east Lancashire, the spinning traditonally being around these parts in south east Lancashire. The graphic contrasts the county's traditional symbol, the red rose, against the equally tradtional view of grimy mill chimneys, muck and brass you know...View image on Flickr

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