London Luton Airport Putzmeister M36-4

London Luton Airport Photo: a fantastic London Luton Airport Photograph Featuring Putzmeister M36-4

Photograph Taken On Thursday, July 11, 2019

"The truck-mounted concrete pump M36-4 reaches around 36 m, demonstrating enormous flexibility. Because the Z-folding makes it very adaptable, not least because of the optimal slip properties. Whether it is in the production hall, under bridges and underpasses or for the construction of multi-storey buildings, the M36-4 is very suitable for versatile work and with ease because we have further optimised the entire machine with respect to its weight. This allows more scope for loading accessories and operating materials, because the M36-4 offers high reserves with its surprisingly low weight in order to operate legally on all roads. You therefore easily reach the next place of use quickly, and economically." image on Flickr

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