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Cumbernauld Airport Photo: a fantastic Cumbernauld Airport Photograph Featuring Roman walk

Photograph Taken On Sunday, July 30, 2017

Whilst on an overnight layover at Wardpark Ind Est, parked close to Cumbernauld Airport, I decided to take advantage of the fine summer evening light and do a clockwise walk around the Airport perimeter and take in what is the best example of the remaining Antonine wall. The section starts at the North Western end of the runway, what is now the Westerwood Farm, and golf club, then runs East parallel with the runway, to finish at the road running from the Wardpark Ind Est over to Kilsyth. Westerwood fort is now under what is now one of the fairways of the golf club. If you follow the wall east you will come to the Castlecary fort, which is on the east side of the A80 and is bisected by the Glasgow to Edinburgh railway line. The plaque depicting Tollpark, refers to the stretch of wall that I walked, which is shown in the photo to the right of the plaque. The photo in the bottom left of the collage is the location of the Westerwood Fort, which is now the westerwood Golf Coarse. I incorporated a drawing from the net showing what one of the forts on the wall wold have looked like in the day.View image on Flickr

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