Blairgowrie Tayside Police car and cell van

Blairgowrie Photo: a fantastic Blairgowrie Photograph Featuring Tayside Police car and cell van

Photograph Taken On Sunday, December 1, 2019

1/76 scale (OO Gauge) Tayside Police model vehicles . Ford Transit Connect cell van is ex Gardai, with original paint removed and replaced, Tayside transfers applied, Police Officer within. Vauxhall Corsa is ex Military Police, again with original detailing all removed and TayPol applied, taking some creative licence as Tayside used the Astra rather than Corsa. Most stations throughout Dundee had a mixture of Astra, Ford Focus hatchbacks, Transit Connect “bread vans” and Transit cell vans or “party bus”. Eastern Division (Angus) were more likely to have Focus estates, for the increased boot space, as due to the distances it was likely a divisional resource would be first on scene and require additional equipment at RTC’s etc. 4 wheel drive vehicles were also more common in Eastern Division, alongside the Transit and Transit Connect cell vans. ThanksView image on Flickr

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