Perth The 'Dundee Corridor' arches

Perth Photo: a fantastic Perth Photograph Featuring The 'Dundee Corridor' arches

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Perth railway station is a curious creation. It was established in the mid-nineteenth century as a 'general' station to accommodate three different companies. The layout was awkward, straddling the junction between the Dundee line and what was to become the main line to Aberdeen via Forfar. When the station was remodelled later in the century the two sides were tied together by a feature that became known as the 'Dundee Corridor': a semi-enclosed cloister linking Platforms 2 and 3. The corridor was demolished during the rationalisation of the station in the late 1960s; but the three gothic arches at either end survive today, along with a fragment of the stamped concrete floor presumably laid in BR days.View image on Flickr

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