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Perth The Benefits of Prefinished Oak Timber Flooring

Perth Photo: a fantastic Perth Photograph Featuring The Benefits of Prefinished Oak Timber Flooring

Photograph Taken On Wednesday, June 3, 2020

via WordPress ift.tt/3gLJDDL Prefinished oak timber flooring has become one of the most popular choices for timber flooring in Perth for simple, traditional flooring designs as well as stylish herringbone flooring. There are a number of important advantages that this flooring choice offers, which we’ll explore in this useful guide. What is Prefinished Flooring? This is simply a new manufacturing technique where your floorboards arrive onsite with the finishing treatments and coatings already applied. Before prefinished floorboards became common, your oak timber flooring would arrive as raw and unfinished boards. These would have to be installed and then sanded down, stained and coated with a protective finish, which then would have to dry (and a second coat would also often need to be applied) before your floor was usable. It made installing timber flooring in Perth a very labour-intensive and lengthy process that added entire days onto your project and made the space unusable for several days. With prefinished flooring, this process of sanding, staining and applying the finishing coat to your oak timber flooring is all done offsite at the manufacturer. The boards are all coated with multiple layers of protective finishes and cured under UV lights for additional strength. The boards then arrive onsite, ready to be installed. What are the Benefits? Fast installation – Installation is much faster and there’s no waiting for your floors to cure. The installer simply has to fix them in position and give your floor a sweep and it’s ready to be used! This is especially great when you are installing herringbone flooring, which can take a little longer to install due to the intricate pattern. It’s odourless and mess-free – There’s no living with the smell and VOCs of drying oak timber flooring coating products and there’s no dust from sanding either. This minimises mess and respiratory complications. It’s durable – Because the finishing products and oak timber flooring treatments are expertly applied and cured in manufacturing conditions using commercial treatments that often cannot be applied onsite, the boards are very durable and sealed to an exceptionally high standard. This means your flooring lasts longer and is more stain and water resistant. Pre-Stained, Prefinished Oak Timber Flooring in Perth Looking for luxurious, high-quality oak timber flooring in Perth for your traditional or herringbone flooring project? Talk to the team at Royal Oak Flooring. With a wide range of natural, manufactured oak flooring in colours ranging from a soft whitewash through natural honey tones to deeply rich smoked boards, you’ll find the perfect look for your traditional or herringbone flooring project. Get in touch and we can supply you with three free samples so you can see our quality for yourself in the comfort of your own home!View image on Flickr

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