Hatfield Train at Hatfield Peat Moors, Doncaster.

Hatfield Photo: a fantastic Hatfield Photograph Featuring Train at Hatfield Peat Moors, Doncaster.

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, August 7, 2001

This Schoma diesel was in charge on the day of my visit to Scotts Hatfield Peat Works in 2001, just outside Doncaster. Now, I think all gone and the site replanted as a nature reserve. I believe the loco ended up at a preserved railway in Norfolk? The flat wagon behind the locomotive is actually a slave unit connected hydraulically to the Locomotive, effectively giving extra traction and 8 wheel pulling power. This narrow gauge system extended far from the factory over various lines on the moors. As is expected the track wasn't that straight or even but the loco and short wagons trundled over it nonetheless.View image on Flickr