Invergowrie Photo: a fantastic Invergowrie Photograph Featuring UK RAIL - INVERGOWRIE STATION, SCOTLAND

Photograph Taken On Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Invergowrie Station is located three miles west of Dundee on the Dundee/Perth (a further 17 miles) route. Its limited train service has arguably improved slightly in recent years. The station has three entrances (two on the eastbound and one on the westbound) and is spanned by a lattice footbridge. It has no ticket machine but has two smartcard readers on the Dundee-bound platform. The station - very close indeed to the north bank of the River Tay - is situated to the south of the village of Invergowrie which is in Perth & Kinross District and is probably best known for its horticultural research station at Bullionfield. Westbound platform viewed from the eastern end, looking towards the station footbridge; Dundee-bound platform to right.View image on Flickr

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