Wyton "VN799" Wyton 12-5-1989

Wyton Photo: a fantastic Wyton Photograph Featuring "VN799" Wyton 12-5-1989

Photograph Taken On Friday, May 12, 1989

"VN799" (really WT478) : Canberra T.4 : RAF, 231 OCU Canberra WT478 was painted in this blue livery to represent prototype VN799 at this Photocall at RAF Wyton, marking 40 Years since the real VN799 became the first Canberra to fly, on 13 May 1949. A second Canberra, WJ877, was also present in washable blue paint, also marked "VN799". The real serial of this Canberra is visible on the nosewheel door.View image on Flickr

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