Saundersfoot View to Tenby from Monkstone Beach

Saundersfoot Photo: a fantastic Saundersfoot Photograph Featuring View to Tenby from Monkstone Beach

Photograph Taken On Monday, December 16, 2019

Monkstone beach is roughly halfway between Saundersfoot and Tenby, on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Much of the woodland walking from Saundersfoot is fascinating with sprigs of ferns growing on the mossy trunks of trees either side as you walk up and down the cliff side path. In mid December you have the walk largely to yourselves. Reaching the beach at low tide gives expansive views to Tenby on the right, paintbox coloured houses lined up along the horizon in the distance. You can walk between the rocks on the left to look out towards Saundersfoot and that side of the bay, but keep an eye on the turn of the tide. The low tide exposes weirdly colourful sea life clinging to indentations and seams in the rock faces, and still pools circling the occasional rock poking out of the smoothed, pristine sand.View image on Flickr

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