Okehampton WCB293 - Bruce and Roberts AEC Reliance at Portgate

Okehampton Photo: a fantastic Okehampton Photograph Featuring WCB293 - Bruce and Roberts AEC Reliance at Portgate

Photograph Taken On Thursday, September 11, 1980

Bruce & Roberts AEC Reliance OFN717F (ex East Kent Road Car Company) at Portgate on the old A30 road (now by-passed) operating on the 620 Tuesday and Saturday shopping service which operated between Lewdown and Launceston - on Saturday the service commenced further east at Bridestowe. Today the former A30 road Is served by a much better frequency of service between Okehampton and Launceston. My father's, and previously my grandfather's, Hillman Super Minx can be seen parked in the lay by. September 16, 1980. Scanned from a 110 format slide hence lower quality taken with a Pentax Auto 110 SLR camera during my very brief foray into this low quality format. A nice K6 phone box can be seen. More archive images of West Country Independent Bus Operators can be see at: image on Flickr

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