Stowe House West Midlands Ambulance Service BMW R1200RT (LD63 XVO)

Stowe House Photo: a fantastic Stowe House Photograph Featuring West Midlands Ambulance Service BMW R1200RT (LD63 XVO)

Photograph Taken On Sunday, July 14, 2019

2014 BMW R1200RT Static displays at the British Grand Prix are usually abysmal and this year, once again, was no exception to the rule. However, the local constabulary make a good attempt to make up for it. For a couple of years Northamptonshire Police and the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) had a brilliant display of vehicles on show for the spectators. Unfortunately, last year they were notable by their absence. Thankfully in 2019 they were back and as good as ever! Not to be outdone, the ambulance service also decided to get in on the act this year. Amongst a fleet of vehicles parked up alongside the old start/finish straight was this BMW response motorcycle from West Midlands Ambulance Service. Although Silverstone is covered by East Midlands Ambulance Service the neighbouring West Midlands service is running a motorcycle safety campaign and had a small display to catch the eye of the crowds, including the rather gruesome character standing behind the bike! Pictured in July 2019 at the British Grand Prix meeting at Silverstone.View image on Flickr

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