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Elsenham Airports Here you can find Local Airports in Elsenham and near Elsenham .

Stansted Airport
This airport is situated as the crow flyes, 2.3  miles away from Elsenham's center. .. read more
London Stansted Airport
Situated as the crow flyes, 2.3  miles away from Elsenham's center, Stansted Airport is a large passenger airport with a single runway and hub for a number of major European low-cost airlines. It is located in the Uttlesford District of the English county of Essex about 30 miles (48 km) north-east of London. (...) .. read more
Andrewsfield Airport
Situated as the crow flyes, 10.0  miles away from Elsenham's center, Andrewsfield Airport is located 4 nautical miles (7 km) west northwest of Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom. Both runways are 59 ft (18 m) wide and at night serve as a single 118 ft (36 m) runway. (...) .. read more
Duxford Aerodrome
Situated as the crow flyes, 13.6  miles away from Elsenham's center, Duxford Aerodrome is located 8 nautical miles (14.8 km) south of Cambridge in the village of Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England. The airfield is owned by the Imperial War Museum and is the site of the Imperial War Museum Duxford and the American Air Mu .. read more
North Weald Airfield
Situated as the crow flyes, 14.8  miles away from Elsenham's center, , near the village of North Weald Bassett in Epping Forest, Essex. It was an important base during the Battle of Britain, when it was known as the RAF Station RAF North Weald. At the present time it is the home of North Weald Airfield Museum. It is c .. read more
Panshanger Airport
Situated as the crow flyes, 19.7  miles away from Elsenham's center, Panshanger Airport is located 2.5 nautical miles (4.6 km) west of Hertford, East Hertfordshire, England. (...) .. read more
Stapleford Aerodrome
Situated as the crow flyes, 19.8  miles away from Elsenham's center, Stapleford Aerodrome is an airfield in the Epping Forest district of Essex, England near to the village of Abridge. It is about 3.4 nautical miles (6 km) south of North Weald Airfield and 4.5 nautical miles (8.3 km) north of Romford. The airfield is .. read more
Earls Colne Airfield
Situated as the crow flyes, 20.4  miles away from Elsenham's center, . Earls Colne Airfield is located 1 nautical mile ("NM") (1.8 km) South-southwest of Earls Colne and 3 NMs (5.6 km) Southeast of Halstead in Essex, England. During World War II it was used by the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force. The .. read more
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