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Lensfield Surrounding Area Here you can find Local Area Information in Lensfield and near Lensfield .

Mathematical Bridge
situated 0.5  miles away from Lensfield's center, across the River Cam, between two parts of Queens' College, Cambridge. The bridge was designed by William Etheridge, and built by James Essex in 1749. It has been rebuilt on two occasions — 1867 and 1902 — but has kept the same overall design. The title of 'Mathematical Bridge' was also given to o .. read more

Queens' College, Cambridge
situated 0.5  miles away from Lensfield's center, by Margaret of Anjou. It was refounded in 1465 by Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of Edward IV of England. This dual foundation is reflected in its orthography: ''Queens' '', not ''Queen's'', although the full name is The Queen's College of St Margaret and St Bernard in the University of Cambridge. It is common .. read more

King's College, Cambridge
situated 0.5  miles away from Lensfield's center, . Formally The King’s College of Our Lady and St. Nicholas, it is often referred to as King’s within the university. (...) .. read more

Newnham, Cambridgeshire
situated 0.6  miles away from Lensfield's center, Newnham is a district of the city of Cambridge in England. Historically, the name refers to a hamlet centred on a mill on the River Cam, a short distance to the southwest of the city centre. The modern council ward of Newnham covers much of the west of the city. Several Cambridge University colleges are situa .. read more

Cambridge Union Society
situated 0.8  miles away from Lensfield's center, . Throughout its nearly two centuries of continuous operation, the Union has developed a worldwide reputation as a noted symbol of free speech and open debate. Additionally, as one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the world, the Cambridge Union served as a model for the subsequent foundation of simi .. read more

Robinson College, Cambridge
situated 0.9  miles away from Lensfield's center, Robinson College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge. It was founded after the British philanthropist David Robinson offered the university £17 million to establish a new college in Cambridge: this is still one of the largest donations ever accepted by the university. Robinson la .. read more

Cambridge Castle
situated 1.1  miles away from Lensfield's center, Cambridge Castle was a castle located near Shire Hall in Cambridge, England. All that remains of the site now is the artificial motte. If a line is drawn from the top of the motte to the North Pole, the motte is the highest point upon that line. The castle was built in 1068 by the conquering Normans as a tim .. read more

Brookfields Hospital
This hospital is situated 1.2  miles away from Lensfield's center. Brookfields Hospital, a building in which sick or injured, especially those confined to bed, are medically treated .. read more

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